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Hi all :) Welcome to my page, hope you like the paintings. I work mainly with Acrylic paints, but I also do a lot of crafts, so I'll probably try and get some of those on here. My work is rather nontraditional and I love playing with (and manipulating) color. I'm sure it shows, but I love abstract art ;) I'm also big into video games and love fan art based off of them. I'll try to post most of my new stuff as it dries and is ready. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

If you have the time, please check out his page for some new game fan art! More to come!

Also, please check out my Featured Favorites Widget over there :pointl: These are art pieces of other members on DA that I truly believe are worth a look, even a :+fav: :D
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So I didn't really think I would use the journal feature too much, but for instances like this, I feel I must.

I tried to get back to everyone I could in a timely manner, but unfortunately you're only allowed to post a certain number of comments an hour on Deviant, so it's taking lot longer than expected. In case you're still waiting for yours..

THANK YOU!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for the fav's and comments on the paintings. Last week I came back to Deviant from a minor hiatus and woke up one morning to see that Iris had been chosen as a Daily Deviant, much to my surprise. The attention my gallery got soon afterwards has been overwhelming, to say the least. I wasn't expecting the DD, but I also wasn't expecting the paintings to get as much attention from YOU guys! It gave me quite the inspiration to paint more, although I will say that I'm nervous because I know I can never do another "Iris", but the feedback has been too much to pass on.

I'm hoping the next paintings I show will live up to your guys' expectations, but even if they don't, it's art. Without art, what do we have?..

I'll continue to try to get back to everyone and leave no comment unanswered and no +fav llama-less :)

I just wanted to give a big shout-out type Thank You to everyone!!!!

And as far as the milestone llama's go, because llama's are, in fact, awesome!
Thanks to strange-art-gallery for the big #10! Link to his gallery: strange-art-gallery.deviantart…
Thanks to Darker-than-Midnight for the big #50! Link to her gallery: darker-than-midnight.deviantar…
Thanks to Tako-Hasu-Hinata for the big #100!! Link to her gallery:…

Thanks for reading ^-^
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Since there's been some request for the technique used, I figure I'd use the journal feature to go ahead and share :)

All the paint used is Acrylic, a mixture of just normal paint and glossy. I try not to use water during the actual process, but just spray water during the drying process in an attempt to prevent cracking and distortion (although sometimes quite unsuccessful..).

The tools I use: A cake frosting bag, scissors, an oil I made for cooking (really just a basic oil- I like it to be thicker than water so the paint doesn't go too crazy on the canvas), a needle and paint :)

The paint gets poured into the bag, depending on what look I'm going for will determine how (more shadows will mean lighter colors first and vice versa). Let it sit and settle, then cut the tip off the end and let the paint pour onto the canvas (each painting has a different "direction" of painting, it's really up to the person doing it). Once the bag is empty or the paint on the canvas is satisfying, I tilt and move the canvas slightly, causing the colors to spread and separate, revealing the middle and lower levels into the "web like" form they show in some of the pictures. The needle is used to accent the shapes and to try and get rid of any over sized air bubbles that have not-so-kindly made their way into the paint.

Drying process is a pain in the butt because it has to constantly be monitored to prevent any cracking (I usually have the paint pretty think on).

And voila!

Hope this answers any questions to any wondering :)

Have fun and enjoy <3

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